The Sacred Garden Mini Prints


Artist: Rosanne Bender
Medium : Giclee Print on Fine Art Rag, Hand coloured,
Edition of 50
Dimensions : 23 cm x 23 cm (unframed)
Year : 2012
Price: $99

The Sacred Garden

The Sacred Garden is the world where I am drawn to photograph, it is the world of plants. I find myself called into beautiful gardens surrounded by the beauty and surprises of the amazing flowers I discover revealing themselves as I wander down  pathways. I am called to connect with the detail of each petal, the fragrance, the colour and the light that plays on the opening plant forms. The golden light of the morning awakens me to the freshly opened blooms. Late afternoon the glow of the descending sun brings richness to the play of light dancing on petals, leaves and trees.

Unique Edition of 50 Prints

When you purchase a print from this unique edition you will be the owner of one of only 50 prints created from the original image.

The edition of prints begins as photographs, which are digitally painted in Adobe Photoshop. The images are printed onto Fine Art Rag fine art paper using the highest quality archival inks. Each print is unique as the artist draws and paints onto each print with quality inks into the printed image. No two are the same. The artist’s hand echoes the patterns in the print and the gold, silver and bronze ink captures and reflects the light.