I Am The One


The Chakra Flowers
artist: Rosanne Bender
medium : Giclee Print on Fine Art Rag,
hand coloured, Edition 20
dimensions : 28 cm x 28 cm (unframed)
year : 2011
unframed print $380
framed print $600

I Am the One 
artist: Rosanne Bender
medium : Giclee Print on Fine Art Rag,
Hand coloured, Edition of 20
dimensions : 85 cm x 60 cm
year : 2011
unframed print $2,500
framed print $3,500

I Am The One

Unique Edition of 20 Prints

When you purchase a print from this unique edition you will be the owner of one of only 20 prints created from the original image.

The edition of prints begins as photographs, which are digitally painted in Adobe Photoshop. The images are printed onto Fine Art Rag fine art paper using the highest quality archival inks. Each print is unique as the artist draws and paints onto each print with quality inks into the printed image. No two are the same. The artist’s hand echoes the patterns in the print and the gold, silver and bronze ink captures and reflects the light.

I Am The One

I am interested in the natural environment, the beauty of the earth and the intricacy of pattern and colours in nature. I am interested in the material and the non-material worlds and aim to show the spirit in nature and humanity.

I am working with the circle, creating a mandala to hold the images I photograph in nature. The circle holds the image in my artwork to create stillness and centreing.

The artwork is based on the chakras and the response of the chakras to the experience of being in Nature’s Garden. The chakras are revitalised from being in the garden and with the earth as they draw in the energy from nature to nurture us spiritually, emotionally and creatively. The artwork is a representation of the chakras infused with the energy of the garden.

My fine art involves combining photographic, drawing and printmaking techniques with new digital techniques. The outcome is a synthesis of traditions, which results in transformation of all the media involved.