I am able to offer to work with you on an image, scene or idea you have to create an artwork to resonate with your heart and soul.
Tell me what touches and inspires your heart and vision an artwork that you wish to have created for you to have in your home or workplace to uplift your day.
Please phone or email me to talk about your ideas or show me an image that you would like me to work with for you to create a unique artwork.

I can take an image, edit the image and hand colour the image to create an artwork that is individually meant for you, a reflection of your passion and inspiration, something that touches your heart, uplifts and inspires your soul.




title: Fire In The Heart
artist: Rosanne Bender
medium : Giclee Print on Hahnemuhle Rag,
Hand coloured, Edition of 1
dimensions : 38cm x 50cm
year : 2012

This art work began as photograph of a volcano in Hawaii. The photograph was digitally edited, printed onto Hahnemuhle Rag paper and handcoloured with silver and gold ink for a woman who fell in love with the image.