I am a contemporary artist,  with a passion for the natural environment, the beauty of our earth, the sacred and the feminine. I explore dimensions of the material and the non-material worlds. My creativity is awakened and expressed in the making of art. I aim to inspire and create conscious awareness through the creation of my art works.

Through the camera lens I see the beauty of our earth and the people I am documenting.

My fine art involves combining photographic, painting, drawing and printmaking techniques with new digital techniques. The outcome is a synthesis of traditions, which results in the transformation of all the media involved.

I create from my studio at Sanctuary Divine in the beautiful Huon Valley on the island of Tasmania. It is rich in inspiration and its beauty touches my heart and soul. The ever changing landscape enhances my creativity and wonder of our beautiful world. I am inspired by the beauty, the colours and the ever changing magnificence of our earth. I am surrounded by wild rivers, rugged mountains, tall forests, curving coastlines and inlets and placed on an island of peace and tranquility.  Spirit filled and peaceful the essence of the divine unfolds within my being in such a sacred and beautiful part of our world.