The Hartz Mountains National Park is located in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, the park is at the southern end of the Huon Valley in Tasmania. Walking in the park during December and January is spectacular as the waratah buds are opening and coming into blossom around the lakes. The buds are pink when closed and open to a vibrant red surrounded by smooth green leaves.

I photographed the Tasmanian Waratah in the Hartz Mountains National Park. The print was created and edit and printed and drawn into with gold and bronze ink. The Waratah flowers from November to January in Tasmania. This Waratah Bud is opening early in the season, its colouring is pink before opening to a full red bloom. The waratah was photographed at Hartz Mountains National Park in the Huon Valley.

Tasmanian Waratah

FAMILY: Proteaceae
BOTANICAL NAME: Telopea truncata
COMMON NAME: tasmanian waratah

Due to its much-branched habit, tasmanian waratah produces numerous flowers,
which appear from spring through to summer (November to February). The flowers
produce copious nectar, attracting a wide variety of birds.

Tasmanian waratah is an open upright shrub, 1–3 m high with stout, spreading branches. The leaves are deep green, narrow, reverse lance-shaped, (the tip wider than the base, i.e. oblanceolate) and occasionally lobed. Young branches and unopened flower-heads are often covered with brownish hairs.
The flower-heads are commonly red (rarely pink or white or, very rarely, yellow) and
occur in a loose cluster, 5–8 cm across, at the ends of erect stems. Each cluster is
composed of 10–20 individual flowers.

Artist: Rosanne Bender
Medium : Giclee Print on Fine Art Rag, Hand coloured,
Edition of 50
Dimensions : 23 cm x 23 cm (unframed)
Year : 2016
Price: $180

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